‘You’re glowing,’ my friend whispered to me.

I hadn’t slapped on radioactive amounts of fake tan, or been too heavy-handed with a highlighter palette. Nor had I just stepped out of a steam room. This glow, the one my friend referred to, was a subtle, dewy sheen; one that other friends and family had taken note of, too.

This newfound glow – a natural, youthful gleam – was the result of my new skincare obsession: probiotics. Having long taken this supplement orally – to aid my immune system and overall digestion – I was naturally sold on the idea of adding probiotics to my skincare regime. And what’s more, it works!

And now for the science bit.

You can tell a lot about a person’s overall health from their complexion. Because while a daily dose of probiotics works wonders on the inside – easing inflammation in the gut, aiding digestion and preventing gas and bloating – they can also have a huge impact on our skin. Poor gut health leads to a lowered immune function, making way for conditions such as redness, irritation, psoriasis and eczema.

Looking after our gut health often equals great skin. But many things stand in the way of our quest for happy, healthy tummies. Stress and medication upset the balance in the gut. Antibiotics, for instance, completely destroy the body’s natural flora – a good bacteria we need in our system. Taking a probiotic supplement ensures a healthy population of good bacteria in our gut, helping us to glow from the inside out.

And so, given that the gut and skin are so closely related, probiotic skincare made perfect sense to me. Having long taking probiotics orally, I couldn’t wait to slap this goodness straight onto my skin. And what’s more, I wasn’t disappointed. This is a genius innovation and one that only a handful of skincare brands are implementing.

Here’s my guide to your probiotic glow . . .

Aurelia. The British skincare brand have a gorgeous, natural range of products all containing probiotics and peptides. Reparative properties work to calm and feed the skin, helping to heal stressed and tired complexions. I love how easily absorbed these products are, and they always deliver near instance results.

Try Aurelia’s Cell Repair Night Oil (£62 for 50ml, available at This is the perfect night time treat for your skin, packed full of essential fatty acids and Omegas. Working in tandem with the skin’s nightly repair mode, it helps me wake up with a heathy, dewy glow.

Or try Aurelia’s Miracle Cleanser (£42 for 120ml). This is a gorgeous smelling product that dissolves make-up and removes impurities. It also comes with an adorable antibacterial bamboo muslin. As well as chamomile, eucalyptus, rosemary and bergamot, it is also contains probiotics and peptides which help to repair and vitalise the skin. When it comes to achieving a youthful complexion, Aurelia has become one of my go-to brands, and the packaging is heavenly too.

Another brand to check out is Glowbiotics, who have created a complete range of probiotic skincare solutions. Their probiotic HydraGlow Cream Oil (£47 for 30ml, available at has a creamy, silky consistency, which glides on and leaves behind a luminous radiance. I like to apply this super light formula on top of my SPF moisturiser (though you can apply straight after cleansing) and find it lifts my complexion, providing subtle illumination. Brimming with shea milk and Abyssinian seed oil, this cleanser also helps to balance and hydrate.

Last up is Terra Nova – a British supplement company. Their Probiotic Complex with Prebiotics (£20.70 for 100 capsules) is an oral supplement that boosts your gut health and immune system. Take one a day with food, especially following a course of antibiotics or any other medication that might upset the good bacteria in your tummy. What’s more, Terra Nova never uses manufacturing additives, and all its products are suitable for vegans.

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