My ultimate indulgence is surrounding myself in a sensory explosion of delectable aromas – from the perfumes I spritz to the oils I slather on. Not to mention the many candles I burn on a regular basis. There’s a perfect scent for every occasion. Whether I need waking up or calming down, smells have a powerful effect on my mood.

Of all our senses, smell is the most evocative. The scent of jasmine or freshly cut grass instantly transports me to my grandma’s garden. The floral notes of those happy times – wild lavender and the aroma of the roses – have embedded themselves in my senses.

Scents have long been recognised for their cathartic effects. As far back as Ancient Egypt, aromatic plants were used for embalming. Throughout history, humans have created many floral concoctions, and our relationship with scent is still going strong. Aromatherapy and essential oils have a remarkable impact on our nervous system. Lavender is known to soothe and calm the mind, citrus scents stimulate, while musk and sandalwood are known for their sensual properties.

My go-to aromas include Aromatherapy Associates’ Revive Morning Bath and Shower Oil (£48 for 55ml). This award-winning formula contains grapefruit, rosemary and juniper essential oils and provides the perfect, invigorating start to my day.

Aesop’s Ginger Flight Therapy (£21 for 10ml) is an ideal pick-me-up. Apply a few dots of this oil to your pulse points, and instance calm takes over.

My perfume pick is Rose Noir by Byredo (£95 for 50ml). It was a gift for my 40th and smells like bottled decadence. A must-have for anyone who likes light, floral scents.

And so, with winter firmly setting in – the time of year we could all do with a bit of natural healing – I’ve chosen my three best products for calming the senses:

Bamfords Shavasana Essential Oil Relaxation (£25 for 8ml). This handy, roller bottle oil is packed full of chamomile, lavender and geranium. Developed by yoga masters, it’s perfect for finding inner calm during times of worry or stress.

Neom Tranquillity Candle (£45 for a three-wick candle, available at For me, this smell has become synonymous with unwinding at the end of each day. English lavender, sweet basil and jasmine are blended to give you a better night’s sleep.

This Works Sleep Plus Hair Elixir Spray (£25 for 80ml). A two-in-one treatment which works wonders while you sleep. Simply spritz on before bedtime and its essential oils of lavender, vetivert and camomile promise a perfect slumber as well as stronger, healthier hair.


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