Horses sweat, men perspire,
and women merely glow.


Lisa Snowdon – model, presenter and skincare junkie.

My relationship with beauty started in the way most relationships do: it was exciting, explorative, and occasionally obsessive. In my earlier years, I devotedly road-tested different regimes, albeit with varying degrees of success. What my younger self lacked in skill and expertise, was made up for with a passion (OK, obsession) that is still going strong to this day.

From being let loose, aged eleven, with a pair of tweezers – plucking my eyebrows into what looked like an expression of permanent surprise – to becoming hooked on ten pence facemasks and abrasive apricot scrubs, it’s a wonder I never did any long-lasting damage. And then there was the facial steamer I received for my twelfth birthday, subjecting myself, and anyone else who walked through Mum’s front door, to a deep pore cleanse, whether they wanted one or not.

Modelling and presenting – hours spent in the make-up chair, watching as professionals worked on my face – only fuelled my passion for beauty and skincare. I was transfixed. Ultimately, I knew that if I looked after my skin, my skin would look after me too.

And so I made it my mission to learn about this organ – the largest one we humans own. Our skin, which due to its detoxifying qualities, is often referred to as the third kidney. It protects us. It heals us. It insulates us. I want to start a conversation about how we treat our skin. Because whatever your concern, there’s a solution out there.

You Glow Girl was created to share my skincare tips. I know that when I glow, I feel good. There is a long list of things that make me feel radiant – water, exercise, plenty of sleep – and an even longer list of things that make me feel less so – late nights, unhealthy habits, toxic relationships. And so slowly, over the years, I have learned how to lessen the impact of these things, and work towards eliminating what doesn’t make me feel good. It has been a life-long journey and is still a work in progress.

Within these posts, you’ll find the lessons I’ve learnt over the years – the products that have worked for me, and will work for you too – as well as advice on how to keep your skin hydrated and protected. Nutrition and gut health feature heavily too, as our lifestyle habits are reflected in our skin. A happy, healthy complexion – eliminating black heads, blemishes and angry imperfections – starts with what we put into our bodies. Nothing signifies health like a luminous complexion.

I believe that both skincare, and self-care, are important. I believe in nourishment and healing ourselves from the inside. Most of all I believe in learning to glow.


Thank you for being part of this journey.


Lisa x


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