Our mind plays tricks on us, but can we play tricks on our mind? Sometimes it seems impossible to break negative thought patterns and to feel positive about ourselves and the future – but we can! Once again I speak to people way more intelligent that me to find out how. In this weeks episode we learn some Jedi Mind Tricks to start manifesting how to get what we want from our lives and learn how to love ourselves, as we turn those negative thoughts around to change how we feel for the better! Please rate and review this episode and let’s continue to get lifted together! / @lisa_snowdon
My wonderful guests are:
Tara Swart – Find Dr Tara Swart’s new book ‘The Source’ at / @drtaraswart
Stuart Sandeman – / @breathpod
Chris Wille – / @chriswille_yoga
Epic soundtrack and funky baseline courtesy of Natural Symphony – each download plants a tree in the rainforest, so get downloading

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