Chloe, which three beauty items could you not live without?

I’d have to choose a Chloe Lewis Beauty lipstick and highlighter. I’m massively into my make-up but lately I’ve been enjoying wearing just a slight touch of concealer and bronzer, with a highlighter on top. Charlotte Tilbury’s bronzer is amazing!

What’s your skincare regime, and does this differ morning to night?

I love the Elemis cleansing oil and toner – it gets my skin super clean without drying it out. I use these both morning and night, but alternate between Elemis day and night cream.

What’s your biggest beauty faux pas?

My biggest faux pas was wearing too much bronzer on TOWIE! It was when I first started filming, though I’ve definitely learnt from that mistake!

What’s been your most extravagant beauty splurge?

Now and again I splurge on Obaji products – they’re pricey but totally worth it! I use the oil drops to help with pigmentation.

When, and what, was your last beauty treatment?

My last treatment was a facial and massage at the W hotel in Amsterdam. I had their 75 minute Radiate facial, which helps with elasticity and hydration.

What’s your best beauty tip or trick to share with the readers of You Glow Girl?

I make sure I drink lots of water, and always clean my skin and moisturise before bed. I also recommend exercise (when you can!) and Vitamin E masks. Apart from that, use the Chloe Lewis Beauty highlighter and brush collection to maximise your glow!!!




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