Located in the beautiful city of Bath,  the impressive Gainsborough Bath Spa Hotel is the perfect place to have a girlie break, you’re in need of some R&R, I’d highly recommend it. I was lucky enough to visit recently with one of my girlfriends and had a brilliant time.

The hotel itself is unique in the fact it is fed by the area’s geothermal hot springs – this water is actually rainwater that has fallen up to 8,000 years ago and has been slowly heated by hot plates of rock two miles below the earth’s surface – how mind blowing is that? Discovered by the Romans many moons ago, these magical waters contain over 42 minerals and natural gases and are known to have powerful healing and restorative properties

Walking into the spa itself is like stepping back in time. Sunlight pours through a glass atrium, revealing the deep blue skies of Bath above and columns give it an authentic ancient Roman feel. The huge space is set over two floors and has beautiful blue mosaic tiles with three inviting thermal pools all varying in temperature. As well as the pools there is an infrared sauna, a traditional sauna, an ice alcove and a steam room.

When my girlfriend and I arrived at the hotel, we headed straight downstairs to the Aroma Bar, which is not a bar
as we know it but more of an alchemist’s laboratory. With lotions, potions and
not a cocktail in sight, we were able to create bespoke concoctions of Neal’s Yard Remedies’ oils, to help dissipate the stresses of the outside world.

We then changed into our bathing suits and started the recommended bath circuit, sliding in and out of the different pools. As our bodies absorbed the minerals, we could quite literally feel our tired muscles start to soften and relax.

The treatments available at the spa don’t disappoint either. I enjoyed a reflexology session, a Renew Rose
Facial and also something called a Freedom treatment, which I had never tried before.

Nothing could have prepared for this treatment. Firstly, it takes place in the pool, so a bathing suit is necessary, and to start with with I was very conscious of the fact that was ALL I was wearing!

Determined to get the most out of this experience, however, I pushed that thought far from my mind and focused on relaxing. The session involved my therapist holding me in the water and guiding me with gentle Thai chi movements, yoga style moves and stretches. I felt like I was doing a kind of slow dance while I had

my eyes closed. It was extremely surreal to be so trusting with someone, and to completely let go of all control, but it felt totally liberating. I went into a complete dreamlike state and the combination of the soothing effect on my nervous system and the healing qualities of thewater felt incredible.
After such a fabulous time in the water, the best night’s sleep ever and a delicious meal at the hotel, my friend and I were really sad to leave Bath but vowed we would return again soon.

I also made a promise to myself to make time to create my own thermal waters at home and soak in the tub at least twice a week, as well as treat my to a good old pampering session every so often.

 Treat yourself to an at-home spa

Magnesium Flakes  Use magnesium or Epsom salts to recreate your own healing waters at home. Both help with sleep, draw out impurities from your body and act to boost your levels of this important nutrient.


Kerstin Florian
Fus Balm, £30, This helps with tired and sore muscles – rub into your body and also the soles of your feet. I also love this brand’s Ginger Bath and Body oil, which leaves the skin super soft and silky., to your skin.

Neal’s Yard Remedy Aromatherapy Oils, from £4.20

I love all these oils, particularly the Women’s Blend. Relaxing and balancing, you can use in a di user or oil burner or apply it diluted on
to your skin.

As published in Your Fitness Magazine.


  1. Collette
    December 1, 2017 / 4:44 pm

    A bath is so therapeutic Lisa. I need one for my fibromyalgia and nerve damage to spine. This visit looks amazing .

    • lisasnowdon
      December 8, 2017 / 2:18 pm

      Hey Collette, yes so important. Do you also use salts and oils? Thanks for the message and for reading You Glow Girl xxx

  2. Lynsey McKinstry
    December 3, 2017 / 11:18 am

    Agree with all the above 👆🏻 There is a reason why baths have been part of social and our cleansing rituals for so long. They are simply just all round wonderful things ❤️ 🛀

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