This episode we cover confidence, self-assurance and setting boundaries – three subjects that I personally feel quite connected to. Confidence is something I’m still working on after many years, self-assurance comes from confidence and my own feelings of self-worth and setting boundaries I feel is now more crucial than ever for our mental wellbeing, as we start to emerge fully from lock down and adapt to this new way of life. Our eyes have been opened to how much we were juggling before and we were often saying yes, when we really meant no, but we can manage this all together by having conversations like this. My guests are three wonderful women, two you’ve already met this season but they have so much more to say; Dr Tara Swart, Jayne Ellis and Devi Brown.

Thank you so much for all your support. This episode is really powerful and emotional for me.

Spread the word so we can all Get Lifted collectively and feel and be the best versions of ourselves 🙏🏼

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