Every once in a while, I stumble across a hero product for my hair. And Oribe’s Power Drops are my new hair care essential  (£55, available at The range features three different boosters – Damage Repair, Colour Preservation, Hydration and Anti-Pollution – covering a whole spectrum of concerns.

Depending on your needs, these drops can be used to customise your existing hair care routine, or used alone for a super strength boost. You can also use them alongside each other, mixing the drops to address different concerns.

The damage repair drops are a highly-concentrated serum that help to restore dry, damaged hair. Containing 2% Linoleic Acid – an essential fatty acid – these drops help to rebuild our hair’s structure. Sea kelp also helps to smooth the cuticle, leaving our locks soft and shiny!

Then there’s the Hydration and Antipollution drops, containing 2% hyaluronic acid. This acts like a sponge on the hair, allowing strands to absorb and hold onto more moisture. Moringa seed extract protects against environmental damage by preventing micro-particles from adhering to hair.

And then there’s the Colour Preservation drops – a must-have for anyone who wants their colour to last longer. While 2% vitamin C complex helps to prevent colour from fading, quinoa protein also protects and strengthens the hair. I’ve been mixing the Colour Preservation and the Hydration drops together – applying to damp hair before blow drying. A little goes a long way, and while I only ever apply to the ends, there’s never any heavy or greasy residue, and, if your hair is like mine, which is a tangled mess when I come out of the shower, these drops help to rid you of that tangle so a brush or comb can easily glide through my hair and eliminates the knots. And after a quick blow dry, my hair looks and feels divine – stronger, sleeker and super shiny! I am a big fan!


So whatever your hair complaint, give them a go. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy!





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