I’m obsessed with smells and their powerful effect on my mood. So I was delighted to find that Malin + Goetz have launched four delicious smelling roll-on perfume oils (£40 for 9ml, available at malinandgoetz.co.uk).  

These convenient, handbag-sized perfumes are the perfect pick me up, and my favourite from the range is Synthesized Musk  a sexy, subtle, low-key scent that is deliciously understated yet packs a slight punch. My fiancé, George, even loves this one, too! 

I couldn’t not road test all the scents from this range, and the Petitgrain, Musk, and Leather are also delicious. Leather is a much more intense, slightly more masculine scent, carrying heavy notes of sandalwood. I like to combine the Musk and Leather oils together – creating an earthy, sexy scent that lasts all day. 

Petitgrain is much lighter and sweeter, with notes of citrus, and wood. All these oils are long lasting and it’s hard to choose between them. My tip is to wear them together to create your own bespoke blend that’s individual to you. What I most love about perfumes is how they mix with our pheromones, creating something totally unique. 


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