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Every so often I discover a beauty brand that totally blows my mind. And having always believed that skincare and self-care go hand in hand, Mauli’s philosophy ( is something we could all really benefit from.

Mauli’s delectable range of skincare and wellness goodies are built upon the time-honoured Hindu tradition of Ayurveda, which is all about balancing our bodily systems. It involves the practise of cleansing our bodies and slathering them in soothing oils – an act of self-love to offset the effects of an increasingly hectic world. It’s the brands holistic approach to beauty that I love so much; the idea that we need to find time to look after ourselves – from diet, to sleep, to exercise – in order to see positive results.

Mauli, and it’s Ayurveda philosophy, is based on the understanding that we all fall into one of  three ‘doshas’ (or energies). These are vata, pitta and kapha, and they help us understand how to rebalance our bodies. Sounds confusing? Fear not! Mauli have created a simple online questionnaire, which easily determines your dosha ( see below )  From there you can start to incorporate self-care rituals tailored to your individual needs. And even better, Mauli’s website offers easy to follow weekly and daily rituals for both men and women, taking the stress out of your self-care journey.



It’s so hard to choose my favourite offerings from this brand, but I’d have to start with their Himalayan Healing Salts (£42 for 460g available at I like to treat myself to warm soak twice a week, adding a generous measure of these gorgeous pink salts. Infused with 84 of the 92 trace minerals found in the body, as well as 13 therapeutic oils and powered rose quartz, there really is no better way to wind down and relieve the symptoms of stress. Not to mention it works to rebalance PH levels and cleanse the body of toxins. The reusable steel tin packaging is also a treat, and a gorgeous addition to my bathroom shelf!

I’m also obsessed with Mauli’s oils. These are tailored to the three doshas (mine’s pitta) so you can choose the best ingredients to suit your needs. The Serenity Pitta Body Oil (£47 for 130ml spacenk) is packed full of bergamot, lavender, lime spearmint, sandalwood and rose – among other goodies! – and works to eliminate toxins and balance digestion. It also helps to soothe a fiery mood – though I’m saying nothing about that!!


Whichever Mauli product you treat yourself to, you can be assured that every ingredient they use is organic and free from parabens and any other nasties. And in a world of cheap, disposable packing, all Mauli’s products are presented in recyclable and reusable materials. That’s what I call conscious skincare!

What’s more, you can get a taste for Mauli’s skincare rituals at the Bulgari hotel in London ( I spent an amazing afternoon in their spa (there’s a Neville hair salon, too!) relaxing and getting my zen on. Around the huge swimming pool there are gorgeous, four poster day beds – the perfect spot for spending a few hours winding down. I did a circuit of the ladies’ areas, hopping from the hot steam room to cool showers to the sauna. I really can’t recommend this enough!


The spa offers Ayurvedic-inspired Mauli Rituals, and their menu consists of four treatments (starting from £250 for 90 mins). All these rituals incorporate the Ayurveda way of living, using personalised dosha oils, Himalayan salt scrubs and marma point massage. It was here that I took my dosha questionnaire. The treatment itself was heavenly, and I felt totally centred and reenergised. I was given a red cotton bracelet at the end of my massage, which really added to the spiritual feel of the experience.

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So, if you’re looking for ways to remedy the stresses of life, then totally give Mauli a go. It’s a brand built with love and passion which runs through all their products and advice on self-care, encouraging us all to take a moment to nurture ourselves. Amen to that.


               DISCOVER YOUR DOSHA

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Learn how to spot the triggers that cause physical and emotional concerns for greater harmony and ease, the Ayurvedic way. Take our quick quiz to discover your ‘dosha’ and unlock the path to greater wellbeing.



I would love to hear how you get on, send me a message.






  1. Samantha
    November 11, 2018 / 9:54 pm

    I’ve just completed the Mauli questionnaire and can’t believe that the result describes me to a t. I’m an air and need to start working on me (easier said than done especially while starting the menopause)

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