Now that summer is in full swing, hoorah!!!  I’m in constant search of products to help perfect my skin. As the warm weather continues, and we all want to have some more skin on display, it’s nice to feel confident about flashing some flesh. Hence how I discovered Ren’s AHA Resurfacing Body Serum (£35 for 200ml, available at This gorgeous-smelling serum is perfect for this time of the year, as it’s a lighter consistency than normal moisturisers. Packed full of probiotics, Xylitol and lactic acid, this gorgeous lotion kick starts the body’s natural exfoliation process, and helps to combat pigmentation and uneven skin tone. I slather this onto clean skin, and find it leaves behind a soft and supple hydrated glow. It’s important not to sunbath while using this product, and discontinue use two weeks before tanning. And, as ever, use a good SPF.


Do you have any skin-perfecting tips to share with the readers of You Glow Girl? If so, pop them in the comments box below.









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