Move over basil, parsley and coriander, there’s a new herb in town. Welcome to the magical healing powers of my new favourite super herb: Rosemary.

When Bonita and David Spencer-Percival heard about the inhabitants of Acciaroli – a village in south-west Italy – they decided to explore this Rosemary-rich culture. With many villagers living well into their 100s, the herb is also used to treat conditions such as arthritis and cataracts. So could it really be that Rosemary extends our life expectancy?

The couple certainly thought so, and set about concocting a botanical drink. Extracting the essence from the sprig, No1 Rosemary Water contains a main active ingredient of rosmarinic acid, which is an anti-oxidant, has anti-inflammatory effects and helps treat conditions like arthritis and cataracts.

IMG_3987Eucalyptol, which helps improve memory and glucosamine which helps to strengthen cartilage and joint tissue, the benefits this drink boasts are endless, see told you it was a super-herb!!!

I was impressed by its great taste, too! The favour was deliciously subtle, and even better, the sparkling variety can be mixed with your favourite alcoholic tipple – I recommend trying it with an Aperol Spritz or even with your vodka and lime. There’s also a Rosemary Water shot to help your system battle hangovers! This daily supplement of pure rosemary extract is the perfect way to experience the benefits of this herb.

IMG_3991.jpg            So head to to try it today. Prices start from £23.40, and the pretty glass bottles look gorgeous in my kitchen. I mean, what’s not to love?!







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