As the season’s change, our bodies can take a while to catch up. With the sun shining and spring (fingers crossed!) soon to be in full bloom, I wanted to share some of my beauty boosters with you. These are little helping hands to help you feel your best.

I’ve long taken supplements to combat sluggishness, though it’s important to find the right ones. There are so many ‘magic’ capsules on the market, and lots of them do zilch for our health. These are my tried and tested supplements that I take every day.

First up, many of you will know about my love affair with probiotics. Packed full of nutrients, these are good bacteria which help to balance our digestive systems. Their benefits are endless. Not only do they help our physical and mental wellbeing, but they also bolster our immune systems and keep our skin function healthy. For me personally, I find a daily probiotic keeps bloating at bay and keep my immune system in check. There a couple of good ones out there that work for me. Check out and    both of which are freeze dried capsules or give my new favourite Symprove .com which is water based and a 12 week course.


For those niggling coughs and colds still hanging about, another great immune booster is reishi mushrooms – my new beauty obsession! Long used in Asia to for their anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, these super supplements boost your immune system, too. Head to to try them for yourselves.

When it comes to sprucing up your skin for spring, look for supplements containing Vitamin A, which promotes cell rejuvenation. Another ingredient to look out for is the nutrient selenium, known to support shiny hair and nails. Vitamins C and E are also great as they promote collagen production and protect the skin from free radical damage.

Lumity Life ( is my go-to beauty supplements brand. Since taking these capsules, I’ve noticed such a difference to my skin, hair and nails. But that’s not all – I’m sleeping better too, and my immune system has stayed strong all winter.

When it comes to finding the right supplements for your lifestyle, the first thing is to decide what it is you want to target. If it’s shinier hair and nails, look for supplements that contain collagen. Want firmer skin? Omega 3 is the thing to look out for. It’s also important not to rely on supplements to provide all your nutritional support. If you’re taking Vitamin C, it doesn’t mean you never need to eat an orange again! Lastly, always check what ingredients are listed, avoiding anti-nutritional binding agents, coatings and preservatives.


Happy spring! And if you have any beauty boosters you’d love to share, pop them in the comments box below.





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