Blogger, writer and mental health ambassador, the gorgeous Roxie always manages to find the perfect balance between a busy work/social life and calming zen downtime,  I wanted to know her beauty secrets….

 Roxie, spill the beans, which three beauty items could you not live without? 

Liz Earl Cleanse and Polish, as it’s the easiest and most effective way to remove make-up and give your skin a proper clean. It’s transformed my complexion since I started using it. I’ve also been through about five pots of Clinique Moisture Surge. On holiday, it’s the only thing I use. My skin drinks it up as it keeps it soft and supple. Lastly, Créme de la Mer Eye Concentrate because it’s just amazing!

 What’s your skincare regime, and does this differ from morning to night?

I cleanse, then use Estee Lauder’s pore minimising micro-algae toner, followed by Skinceauticals Hyrolonic acid serum. At night, I also use a face oil (currently Neom’s sleep oil) and in the mornings, I use Elemis Super Food Moisturiser or ESPA’s Instant Facial. It sounds like a lot, but this routine only takes me ten minutes, and I give myself a facial massage at the same time. It helps to reduce any puffiness, and leaves me feeling relaxed and refreshed.

What’s been your biggest beauty faux pas?

Falling asleep in my make-up! I’m always tempted to do it when I’m exhausted and home late, but waking up with mascara down my face is not the one! So if I’m super tired, I just pour some cleansing oil onto my face wipes and take everything off really quickly, followed by a light moisturiser.

What’s been your most extravagant beauty splurge? 

Probably the La Mer eye cream! But it does last AGES.

When, and what, was your last beauty treatment? 

I had a facial peel last week with David Jack at his Facial Bar at Neville. It was a quick 30-minute treatment but I’m still seeing the results. I’ve also recently had a facial with Sarah Carr at Liz Earl on King’s Road – she has magic hands! I really recommend checking her out.

 What’s your best beauty tip or trick to share with the readers of You Glow Girl? 

Drink 3 litres of water a day. I honestly think that no beauty regime will work without making sure you are properly hydrated. It’s so important for all your bodily functions, and will help transform your skin as well. I always keep a big sports bottle with me and refill it with filtered water whenever I can. I love saunas and steam rooms, too. They are so good for getting that GLOW!

Who is your beauty idol? 

Kate Bosworth or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. They’re glow game is always strong!

How do you motivate yourself?

I listen to some positive affirmations on YouTube and remember that to be healthy and alive is a beautiful thing, and I shouldn’t ever waste that.

What do you do to cheer yourself up? 

I go and see one of my best friends. They always know how to make me laugh.

What makes you happy? 


What makes you angry? 

People being mean to other people, or trying to embarrass someone else. I really hate that.

 Which beauty trend do you wish would go away? 

Hmmm . . . I don’t think I have one. As long as you feel amazing when you look in the mirror, you should rock any trend you want, darling girls!

How do you make an entrance at a party? 



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