Gabby, which three beauty items could you not live without?

I don’t go anywhere without a tub of Vaseline. There’s nothing worse than having dry lips!

An eyebrow pencil. I’m so fair that unless my eyebrows are tinted, you can’t see them. And even when they’re tinted, they tend to fade really quickly.

Fenty Beauty’s highlighter in Trophy Wife. I use it as a body shimmer so I can sparkle wherever I go!

What’s your skincare regime, and does this differ from morning to night?

I have very sensitive skin so I try to use as little as possible on my face. Every morning and night I wash my face with Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser followed by a micellar water wipe down. I finish by moisturising with Simple’s hydrating light moisturiser, which is perfect even for the days I’m working out.

What’s been your biggest beauty faux pas?

I’ve worn some dodgy eyelashes in the past! About ten years ago on New Year’s Eve, I wore a pair that were thick feathers. In the pictures, I can barely open my eyes. Why did nobody stop me?!

What’s been your most extravagant beauty splurge? 

I’m not too excessive when it comes to beauty buys, but I can’t just buy one MAC lipstick at a time. I normally splurge on about three or four, then always wear the same one!

When, and what, was your last beauty treatment? 

I need to book in for more treatments. I always see people going for facials and massages and think – ooh, I should book myself in! Then I don’t. I did get my nails done before the NTA’s. Though it always takes ages. I’d rather paint them myself!

What’s your best beauty tip or trick to share with the readers of You Glow Girl? 

I didn’t start moisturising my face until last year. Now I wish I’d started earlier. I blame the wrinkles on my forehead for this! Always add a blob of moisturiser to your fake tan – the same ratio of each – as this makes it easier to apply and the results look more natural.






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