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When I walk out of a treatment with Nichola Joss, I feel all the stress and tension has been lifted from my face – all of the muscles feel completely destressed. But not only that, my energy levels are also transformed. I leave with a spring in my step.

When it comes to the science behind her one of a kind facials, her approach is, quite literally, very hands-on (more on this in a bit!) Nicholas’s Bespoke Sculpting Inner Facial is an experience not to be missed – a claim attested to by her A-list clientele. She’s had her healing hands on everyone from to Kate Moss to Megan Markel. And if it’s good enough for a royal-in-waiting, it’s certainly good enough for me too!

Nichola’s massage techniques concentrate on tired, sagging muscles, and are designed to lift and tone the structure of your face. Slathering on lots of yummy and nourishing products, these are firmly massaged into the skin, including the eye area.

Now, when she popped on a pair of latex gloves, I might have been alarmed (though, luckily, I already knew what was coming!) This technique – pioneered and practiced solely by Nichola – involved her putting her fingers in my mouth, and massaging my face from within. She works up into the cheekbones and all along the jawline – slightly eye-watering but by no means painful – which definitely helped create more volume in my face. All that lifting and pulling – encouraging my face to sit higher and firmer – introduced me to muscles I’d forgotten I had!

And it must be said, Nichola herself is a walking endorsement for this treatment, with a super sculpted facial structure and impossibly high cheekbones. Her ethos centers around the many benefits of massage, and releasing tension in your face actually helps tone the muscles. Having always clenched my teeth, my muscles hold a lot of tightness which drags my face south. Once Nichola had worked her magic, and my face wasn’t feeling so firmly-set, I definitely had a plumper, youthful-looking glow.

So, while this treatment is intense, I felt like my skin had been completely ironed out. I’m definitely a convert of this more invasive facial, and will be heading back for regular top ups. And even better – I have a treat for you all! I’m excited to announce I have a discount code than can be used on a facial with Nichola. So, there you have it – no excuses for not spoiling yourself!


New Year Skin Detox
25% Discount on all Facial & Body treatments with both Nichola and Charlotte
Weekdays only @ Good Vibes – 14-16 Betterton Street, Covent Garden WC2H 9BU.
25% Discount Code: LSJB25
For all bookings:
Valid from 16th January to 30th March 2018

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