They say the eyes are the window to your soul, but they’re also our first feature to show signs of tiredness. And is it just me, or does the ageing process seem to accelerate over Christmas?

So when I heard about a way to get younger-looking eyes, needless to say, I was sold. Not only was I desperate to get my mitts on Dr Dennis Gross’s SpectraLite EyeCare Pro LED system (£168 but I also went along to chat with one of his experts in New York.

Melissa has worked for the skincare brand since 2015, and was a wealth of knowledge when it came to explaining the science. Firstly, I was struck by how easy it is to use. When I asked about this, Melissa confirmed that ‘part of the design of this for Dr. Gross was that it was easy to use. He didn’t want it to have to move around your face’. This, for me, is a beauty treatment bonus: a hands-free eye mask you wear for three minutes, and easily fits into your daily routine.

Next, I learnt how the treatment gets results. Within the eye mask, there are seventy-two LED lights spanning across four wavelengths – amber, red, deep red and infrared. And as Melissa explained, ‘the main goal is to boost collagen because when you’re boosting collagen, you’re tackling fine lines’.

The mask is comfortable, too. Ignoring the fact I looked like Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner, it is padded and lightweight on the bridge of your nose. In terms of prep, Melissa advised that, ‘it’s best to apply to clean skin. You want to wash your face and make sure your make-up is off’. For added results, she suggested using a peel beforehand as this cleans away debris and preps the skin to better receive light.

So, the question my inner-beauty-junkie was dying to know: how long until I see some results? Melissa advised that the eye mask should be worn once a day, every day, and that, ‘it takes ten weeks to build collagen’. Biologically speaking, this means you have to wait at least four weeks until you see an improvement in fine lines. So while this treatment isn’t going to give you instant gratification, a bit of patience will really pay off. It’s even worth noting that some women say their imperfections began to fade within just two weeks of use.

All in all, what I love about this treatment is that our eyes often need a bit of targeted help. And while I’ve always supported women doing what they what want, and what feels best, for their skin, injectables and fillers should be used with extra caution when it comes to the eyes. This, for me, is a safe and natural alternative. A no-brainer when it comes to feeling more youthful and alert.

The mask will need to be charged after ten to twelve uses, though is USB compatible, so great for on-the-go. I know when I’m away, my eyes often show how tired I’m feeling, so this three-minute treatment is perfect for penetrating deep within my skin’s dermis to boost collagen and plump away wrinkles.

So why then, if it works so well for frown lines, dryness and dark patches, has Dr. Gross not made a mask to cover the whole face? ‘We might be working on that,’ Melissa told me with a glint in her eyes. And so one thing’s for sure, I’ll be watching this space.






  1. Catherine O’Connor
    December 22, 2017 / 6:21 am

    Thanks for posting this Lisa! It’s on my lust list & am definitely going to invest! 👸🏼🤗

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