Moon Magic! ✨

So excited for you all to experience this last episode of Get Lifted!

The Double Full Blue Moon in Aquarius is super special to me being an Aquarius and having completed this first series and culminating on this episode of The Moon.

The beautiful powerful Luna energy who’s physical effects we see not only in nature but within ourselves. The power of the moon has long been understood and its symbolism in culture is present all throughout history and still current today. Join me as together we learn all about this beautiful energy and the impact she has on us in our everyday life. Please rate and review this episode and let’s continue to get lifted together!

This is the final episode in series one of Get Lifted, thank you all so much for joining me on this journey and do go back and listen from the start if you haven’t already. I can’t wait to see you for series two!
This episode I have some brilliant guests who share my passion for the moon:
Devi Brown – @devibrown
Tracee Stanley – @tracee_stanley / Order Tracee’s book ‘Radiant Rest’ here
Paolo Lai – @paoloreflex /
Jayne Ellis – / @hightimesyoga
Emma Lucy Knowles – @your_emmalucy
Shaylini – @thesacredself.shaylini /

So excited for you all to listen ti this super special double Aquarius Full Blue Moon- it’s a beautiful end to this first series.

I Love you all. I truly appreciate your support.

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