I love the benefits of all kinds of treatments and I’ve always been really open minded when it comes to ones that involve energy. Some have been scientific led, others more spiritual. In this episode we learn about three different areas of energy healing from three different practitioners. Emma, Paolo and Shaylini; all of whom I’ve had treatments with that have had a positive impact on me and my health – so I wanted to share them with you all! I ask that you please go into this episode with an open mind, sit back, relax and embrace the woo woo! Please rate and review this episode and let’s continue to get lifted together!




My incredible guests this episode are:
Emma Lucy Knowles – @your_emmalucy
Paolo Lai – @paoloreflex / paoloreflex
Shaylini – @thesacredself.shaylini / thesacredself.co.uk
Epic soundtrack and funky baseline courtesy of Natural Symphony – each download plants a tree in the rainforest, so get downloading here.

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